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3D design

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Horse box stalls

In the area of indoor stables few different types of horse stalls are available. With careful planning and design we try to make the best use of the space given, which benefit the well-being of your horse. One of the main reasons our box stalls are so distinctive, is long and high durability of timber applied. The timber applied is lightly burnt and well impregnated. This keeps horses from chewing it, as well as it makes timber less affected by dirt. On several occasions occurred a question: “How to define the right size?” To save you from dilemma, below is an example how to calculate the area, suitable for your horse. Let us add that this calculation is just informative.

How to define the right size of horse box?

Withers x2, squared (withers x 2)2

Example: horse with vithers1,65m: (1,65m x 2) 2 = 10,89m2

Beside personal consulting and expertise we also provide you with:

  • Computer design of horse stalls
  • High-quality for optimum price
  • We produce a stall for your horse in the shortest possible time
  • Our team provides you with high-quality fitting service 

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